The official e-paper for the SPS 2019 in Nuremberg.

SPS Kompakt

SPS compact: The official e-paper for the SPS 2019

Find out about the many highlights at the 30th SPS right now – in a very special way: with our interactive e-paper SPS compact.

In cooperation with the Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH, we are offering our readers something very special for this year’s anniversary exhibition - the official e-paper for SPS 2019 in Nuremberg. On more than 90 interactive pages, you can discover products, solutions, experiences and opinions.

Interactive - What does this mean for you?

The e-paper offers you the opportunity to get additional information about the topic via links in the text or deposited videos in a picture. When reading, simply look for the places marked in color in the text or for a video camera symbol in the picture. It‘s definitely worth clicking.

By the way: not only are the articles interactive.

This is what you can expect from the SPS compact e-paper

Sylke Schulz-Metzner, Vice President SPS, addresses the visitors to the fair in a greeting. In addition, she and Christian Wolf, Chairman of the Exhibitors’ Committee and managing director of Turck, talk about what‘s new and what has not changed.

Our personal highlight: A timeline shows the highlights from thirty SPS fairs.

But enough betrayed, just take a look in the e-paper SPS compact

Have fun reading and discovering it!

Your team of KONSTRUKTION & ENTWICKLUNG and the Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH

Foto: Mesago


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SPS Kompakt

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SPS Kompakt

SPS Kompakt: Das offizielle E-Paper zur SPS 2019

Sich bereits jetzt über die vielen Highlights auf der 30. SPS informieren – und zwar auf eine ganz besondere Art und Weise: Mit unserem interaktiven E-Paper SPS Kompakt.